xkcd: The BDLPSWDKS Effect

Per questa ci e’ voluto lo spiegone anche a me, che ho capito tre cose della vignetta:

the_bdlpswdks_effectEcco qua svelati tutti gli arcani (direttamente dal Forum):

Here I go explaining the joke:

The Bernoulli effect states that air travels faster when pressure or potential energy drop. Used for air foils on air planes (along with Newton’s third law).

Doppler effect relates to compression of waves due to movement. This is where the “Tonal language” part comes in.

Leidenfrost effect talks about liquids being pushed away from warm or hot objects due solely to vapor pressure. Sticking your hand in Liquid Nitrogen and pulling it out quickly demonstrates this effect well.

Peltzman effect refers to the decrease in effectiveness of safety regulations due to additional risk being taken by those being protected. For example, more speeding cars in locations with seatbelt laws.

Sapir-Whorf effect refers to the effect of language categories on our psychological thought processes. Example, can’t think of freedom, revolution, etc… if the only word you know is thoughtcrime.

Dunning-Kruger effect refers to the fact that those who cannot solve a particular problem cannot accurately judge how well they can solve a problem. People who cannot solve logic puzzles do not know how well they can do at logic puzzles.

Finally, the Stroop effect shows that people are better at reading names of colors than saying the names of the colors of the words. This is used to show how automaticity is in effect in psychology.

End explanation:

Anyway, how the hell did they do this experiment once, let alone replicate it?



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